Prepare your car photos before advertise
If your car photos are taken by a Digital Carera, the size of those photos may be too large and it will take a lot of time to upload. To make it easy, we recommend, re-size all your car photos before advertise in It will take less than 3 minutes.
How to Re-size car photos using Paint.
1. Goto Start - All Programes - Accessories - Paint.
2. Goto File - Open to select your car photo you want to re-size and click Open.
3. Goto Image - Stretch/Skew.
4. Type the Horizontal and Verticle percentage sizes and click OK.
5. If you think the photo is too small or still too large, undo it (Edit - Undo) and re-size again.
6. To save the Re-sized photo goto File - Save.
7. Give a file name and save the Re-sized photo in a New Folder. Likewise re-size all your car photos before advertise.
Or use a Image Re-sizer
Take 1 minute to download this small software and re-size all your car photos in less than 10 seconds.(Use this if your car photos are larger than 1024x768)
Download ImageResizer.exe (2.4 MB)

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